What’s On Tap Tuesday

979X & WYOMING VALLEY BEVERAGE in Edwardsville want to let NEPA in on the latest rock music each Tuesday with “What’s On Tap Tuesday?”  

Tune in each Tuesday between 10am-3pm with Duffy to hear what NEW song 979X has ‘on tap’ for our listeners.  Duffy will give the cue to call for “What’s On Tap?” and your chance to WIN a gift certificate for a case of beer from WYOMING VALLEY BEVERAGE in Edwardsville! When you hear the cue, be caller X (#10) at 1-866-20ROCKS, to win! Must be 21 years of age or older.​​

It’s a win-win (new music & prizes) with “What’s On Tap Tuesdays” with 979X & WYOMING VALLEY BEVERAGE!

Official Rules for What’s On Tap Tuesday 5-20 to 9-1


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