Gas & Groceries

 Gas and Groceries

Gas and Groceries is BACK on 979X!
We’re giving you the chance to score $100 in gas AND $100 in groceries EACH weekday PLUS Thousand Dollar Thursdays where you can score $500 in gas and $500 in groceries!

Tune in each weekday with Free Beer & Hot Wings to hear the “Winning Time of the Day” announced during the 8am hour then tune in again during that hour for the keyword to be announced. When you hear it, text it in to 1-866-20ROCKS. We’ll text you back to confirm your entry.
One local winner will be chosen each weekday to win!

Official Rules for Gas and Groceries 5-15 to 6-9

  • Brought to you by: Vantage Trust Federal Credit Union. Home Equity as low as 6%
  • Brought to you by: Gerrity’s, The Fresh Grocer 


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