Keg Ass Father’s Day!


brought to you by: Banko Beverage Co.

This year, Dad can have the Father’s Day he has always dreamed of.. a KEG ASS FATHER’S DAY! Listen all week between 10am-5pm for the cue to text the special DAILY KEYWORD to 1-866-20ROCKS to enter to snag yourself some cool swag AND an invite to our KEG ASS GRAND PRIZE event on Saturday, June 15th from 12-2pm at North Pocono Beverage Company in Covington Twp.  You can win a KEGERATOR for Dad’s favorite spot at home, a stellar tap handle, plus a $100 gift card to fill it with his favorite!  Get dad a Miller Lite, the Original Light Beer with only 96 Calories and make it a Keg Ass Father’s Day. Great Taste, Less Filling…Join the debate! Distributed by Banko Beverage Company out of Jessup and Allentown Pa. Locally owned and operated since 1933. Must be 21 year of age or older to enter. Didn’t win this week? We’ll be qualifier ONE MORE PERSON at the event on Saturday! Make sure you are present by 12pm.

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